Muscular Male Pits



LMS performer Kevin Conrad is just about as pretty a beefy young muscleboy as they come! Check out those smoky bedroom brown eyes, those supple pecs, powerful shoulders, generous butt and his perfect, sleek skin.



Pavel Nikolay, a sweet-faced, open, and innocent young bodybuilder, is under his overalls as ripped and packed with muscle as ever you’d want to see. Just barely out of his teens, this young PowerMen Exclusive and LiveMuscleShow performer is exactly the kind of muscleboy you’d hope would appear right at your front door, selling protein bars to benefit the raw gym he’s set up in his garage with his neighborhood muscle buddies.


Power Men

We lured the big-dicked muscleman to a bar, gave him a few drinks, and brought him back to our hotel room, where he showed off his massive muscles and mammoth tool to our satisfaction.

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Alessio Has Hairy Masculine Pits For Smelling

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Ever smell the real scent of a man? Ever bury your head in his hairy pits because they were not covered by deodorant and reeked of masculinity, testosterone … and it really turned you on?

Well, Alessio loves smelling his own manly pits and was all to willing to show us as he clearly got turned on by his own smell.

Truth be told, the smell made my dick hard just being in the room.  When he commanded the camera get up close, it was all I could do to keep my face out of his pits.

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